Tommy Finds the Best Ass Available

Reviewing anal porn sites is something I enjoy, which is good since I do it so much. The truth is, I was already looking at the sites before I ever started writing about them. If I stopped posting about them, I’d still be stroking out my spunk to the content. I’d probably be looking at even more!

I’m not the only one doing this of course. I’m not even the only one doing it on this blog. Sometimes, I like to take a break and check out what the other guys are doing. Tommy’s Bookmarks is top of my list, and has been around since 1998, so the site has loads of followers. I have found some great new destinations to review thanks to Tommy.

It isn’t all anal there, but there is a large section dedicated to it. Tommy pretty much finds the best asses online and directs you on getting to them. Okay, it isn’t really Tommy anymore. He sold the site and it is managed by the same folks that are responsible for Either way, Tommy started something awesome and it’s still going strong. I salute that.