Riley Nixon Nailed in the Ass

It may not be very modern of me, but I prefer girls to have long hair. Demi Moore and Natalie Portman both looked like shit with shaved heads. Everyone went on and on about how strong and sexy they looked. I disagreed. It was a huge turn off. There was a girl working the front desk of a place I used to go to who was really cute and I had a mad crush on her. Then I walked in one day to see her with a pixie cut. I wasn’t as interested in flirting any more. That’s just how I am. Short hair kills it for me.

Then I found Riley Nixon. I don’t know what it is about this chick but she totally does it for me even though her head is shaven. Maybe it’s because she is a porn star and I get to see her naked and fucking. Watching her asshole get hammered inside of Drilled.XXX had me fapping furiously. I want more of her.

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