The Things You’ll Find on Cam

I only recently joined the webcam scene, and I was shocked at all of the fun I’d been missing. I was under the impression the cam world was just full of girls who are begging for money while being little cock teases. And while there is plenty of that out there, I’m not going to lie. There was so much more. In fact, a lot of it completely blew my mind.

For instance, I had no idea there are anal porn cams. There are actual couples out there performing hardcore sex shows live on cam. I can’t think of a more titillating experience than a hot amateur babe getting her tight round ass railed while I watch. I can even let them know what I like and help direct the fun by using their tip menu. That is certainly not something I could ever do with traditional porn. It gives you such a feeling of being connected to the slut that is unlike anything you’ve felt before. It’s what keeps me coming back to again and again.