Virtual reality and streaming: travel and have fun without leaving home

The evolution of new technologies allows us to travel and venture in various ways from the comfort of home, and in this way streaming and virtual reality become two of the main tools of 2021.

Traveling without leaving home

Knowing the top of Mount Everest, seeing planet Earth from the International Space Station or walking among the real dinosaur skeletons inside the Natural History Museum in London are activities that today anyone can easily do from the comfort of their home. This is possible thanks to virtual reality applications such as Google Expeditions that work as a collection of 360-degree photographs that allow you to enjoy multiple immersive experiences around the world.

In addition to the above, some of the best museums in the world offer virtual tours through them so that people from all over the world can explore their collections of art, historical pieces and attractions full of cultural value from their mobile phones or computers, without having than leaving home.

However, the projects around the improvements in the experience of these virtual experiences continue in constant development, and as we mentioned some time ago, the technological giant Google has already patented a model of skates focused for its use with virtual reality experiences, which could revolutionize the virtual travel experience and make it even more immersive in the not too distant future.

Adventures and experiences live from anywhere

Travel, entertainment and social networks are three clear examples of the great possibilities that live video transmission allows us to appreciate today. There are some platforms, which give their users access to live broadcasts from cameras installed in some of the main tourist destinations in our country.

For its part, the world of live casino is an alternative within the entertainment industry, since it allows its users the opportunity to join roulette, blackjack, poker or baccarat tables, etc., through the use of live video, and enjoy in the first person the experience of being in a real casino, as if they were in Las Vegas, Macao or Monte Carlo. In addition, Anal VR Porn sites as the representative of the porn industry also pamper their users with VR technology, something that might not had been imagined only a few years ago.

Finally, Instagram becomes one of the most used examples within social networks, since in addition to announcing to the users of this platform when any of the accounts that is still transmitting a live video, it is now possible to see these transmissions from the computer, which allows you to enjoy said content live beyond the app. Virtual Reality, along with Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality, seems to be increasingly dominating our daily lives in the future.